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Management Team
CAC's management team consists of senior executives with  NASDAQ IPO, early-stage financing, small and large company operational, and China international marketing experience.  Greg Gustin, John Tao, and Jeff Green were instrumental in facilitating the CCTV relationship and the  founding of CAC.  Bill Manak and Karl Moeller have joined CAC's management as acting executives to assist the company with its formation and early-stage financing.  CAC is presently identifying and intends to hire  experienced executives from the TV broadcasting industry during  Q1 2000. Because CAC intends to outsource most programming and production to third-parties; because the company will be provided historical and daily programming  content; and because it has identified and intends to use experienced programming consultants from the broadcasting industry; CAC projects that these services will compliment its starting management team and will provide the  expertise and means to launch the China TV channel

Greg Gustin, Founder, Chairman, and VP of Business Development and Strategic Planning, developed the technical and business model for COL. During the past  six years, he has been actively retained to support the design and analysis of several high tech business ventures.  Previously, he has over 12 years senior executive experience as President of TopGun Entertainment, Inc., a  developer of flight simulator equipment for the military and consumer market. He formerly served as President of Paragon Graphics, Inc., a developer of real-time computer graphics engines.  Greg has a degree in aeronautical  engineering from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and served as a Top Gun pilot for the Marine Corps.

John Tao, Vice President of Operations, Founder, and Director has over 12 years experience in the film and video industry.  As co-founder of Burma Road Productions, he recently co-produced a television documentary for National Geographic Television on WWII and a documentary on the Flying Tigers for CCTV that aired in conjunction with Bill Clinton's historic 1998 visit to China.   Formerly engaged by Warner Brothers Home Video, he presented a strategic business plan for the Chinese market that resulted in Warner Brothers releasing its movies on VCD and LD media in China. John has an MA in Economics from California State University of Los Angeles and a BS in Physics from Ningxia University in China.

Jeff Greene, Vice President of Documentary Production, Founder and Director, is a highly-regarded authority on military history and technology, and has been writing and producing documentary television  programming since 1994.  His projects, filmed in Russia, the Ukraine, Britain, Germany, Israel and China, cover a wide variety of historic and military subjects, including combat photography, the Israeli Air Force, the  American Volunteer Group (Flying Tigers), and the WWII air campaign in China. As co-creator of Burma Road Productions, Greene developed and co-produced a television documentary about the American airmen who fought for China during  WWII.  Greene is an alumnus of Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA and of the Sequential Program in Motion Picture and Television Arts and Sciences of the UCLA School of Film.

Bill Manak, Advisor, has over 16  years experience as a CEO of four start-ups, taking one public on NASDAQ. He recently served as the General Manager of Everest Investment Group, a venture capital incubator firm in Silicon Valley. He formerly served as CEO of  QuadState Corporation, an Internet multimedia and electronic commerce software developer.  Mr. Manak has also directed a healthcare software taking it from inception through a NASDAQ IPO in 1992 and a chemical materials  company serving the Semiconductor industry.  Bill has an MBA from the University of Santa Clara, and an MS and BS in engineering from Purdue University.  

Karl Moeller, Advisor, has over 30  years of senior executive experience of several Silicon Valley early-stage companies.  He recently served as Secretary and Partner of Everest Investment Group and CFO/COO of QuadState Corporation.  Prior to this, Karl  served as the CFO of Nchip, a multi-chip module company which he assisted in selling to Flextronics in a $32M acquisition.  He formerly was corporate controller of Intel and assistant treasurer at Memorex.  Karl has a BA  in accounting from San Jose State University.


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